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A family man since 1997 

These ladies are who made the man you see before you today. 

I grew up in the Bay area and had a hard-working Mother and spent most of my time with my Grandma & Grandpa. Not having a father in my life, my grandpa stepped in to teach me how to be a man. As a child, I was a very competitive person and athletic. I loved playing outside riding, my skateboard, and playing with my neighbors. Although my neighborhood was rough my family made sure to keep me on a straight path for greatness.  

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You can do anything 

Don't let anyone stop you. 

When I was in High School, I remember feeling for the first time feeling peer pressure, and unfortunately, my grades fell, and I missed some school days. After my mom found out, I had to get back on track. My mom worked so hard, and the disappointment in her face crushed me. I spoke to my teacher and asked what I could do to be back on track. This caused me to wake up earlier to work on my homework late, but it was then that I understood that if you put in the work, you can achieve anything. Since then, there was nothing that would stop me. 


Hello Boxing

No turning back

Kennel Boxing, a coach, changed my life. The first time I ever walked into a boxing gym, I remember seeing the kids my age working out and seeing the sparring. Today, my coach and still my coach walked up to me and asked me if this was what I wanted to do. He let me know it was going to be hard work and no turning back. I wanted in! No exception about it. Coming in late in the game is not easy, and only a few have been successful, but again the hard work I put in would dictate that. I started the next day and even wanted to spar. I remember getting upset every time I was told no, and I needed to wait, which caused me to stay longer in the gym and work out even harder to prove that I was ready. Years later, I started to fight in the amateurs and won. My manager, now Rogelio, saw me in the gym and approached me. Since then, we have been working on a solid game plan to achieve the ultimate goal of being a world champion. Since turning pro, I have been blessed to spar with multiple world champions and contenders.

My journey is getting started, and I want all my fans to be a part of my growth.

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